When using a car video system, there is a great deal you can do as a vehicle owner. As an entertainment outlet, utility, or other function, here are a few ways a car video system can improve your passenger experience.


How advanced do I want my system to be?


Depending on your preference, there’s very minimal limitations for your system. You can have a video system that simply displays time and goes through the functionality of the vehicle, while others can become full-service entertainment systems. To begin, you should evaluate how often you have passengers. Do you drive for work? Do you often have coworkers in you car? Just friends? Do you drive for a living? Any and all of the answers to these questions should impact how you pursue getting your video system set up.


Do they only play DVDs?


The short answer is no. You can have a much higher quality and accessible system than a DVD player. More often than not, Bluetooth options paired with online streaming can give you the versatility to listen how you want, as well as watch what you want. You can even go as far as to customize the audio for each individual passenger. This will allow for some passengers to sleep or take phone calls while in the vehicle. For business, this is a huge plus.


How will this impact my audio system?


Your audio system most often will be isolated from how the video system operates. If you would like them to pair together as a single channel, that can be done, but this will lower the audio quality. You should keep them separate to optimize their quality. Also, this will allow for each passenger to sustain that individual experience.


If you have any questions about installing a video system for your vehicle, give us a call today. We can go through your options and see which is the best route for your passenger experience.