The initially installed speaker system with a new vehicle can vary heavily in sound quality. This can just be design that lacks attention for sound system performance, or the system in place may just be faulty. In either case, here’s what to consider when pursuing a new system all together, or simply adjusting the current one.


How does my audio system impact my safety?


With GPS being used almost daily for most drivers, the connection between the audio and visual has to be sound. This is to allow the driver to maintain attention while keeping the drivers around them safe as well. Consider this with your current system: do you have to adjust your audio settings often? Are the directions coming through clearly? Can you pair them with music without having substantial issues arise?


If there are present issues with any of those features, adjustment is quick and easy. Identifying those issues are often simply based on performance rather than something internal.


Only one side of my car plays audio


This likely means one of the speakers is blown. If this is the case, there are a couple options for you to consider when moving forward. Finding a replacement speaker for that one side will depend on how readily available the model is. If the vehicle is an older model, or the speaker system is more difficult to find, a new system may end up being cheaper to install in the long run.


Older systems are more likely to have issues arise again in the future, which enforces how a new system install can be more cost effective.


What kind of speakers should I get installed?


This depends on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as your expectations of the system.


To get more information, contact us to book an appointment, and we’ll find the best system to suit your vehicle needs with safety, entertainment, and style in mind.