Your vehicle security measures can be the difference between replacing a major part of your car and belongings or keeping them safe while you’re away. Unfortunately, you can’t always be there, and there won’t be cameras in every lot you park in. You need to improve your car’s security as best you can on your end.


Simple Ways to Limit Break-Ins


Keep all valuables stowed

Valuables simply cannot be exposed. If they are visible from a window or anywhere nearby the car, you put yourself at risk of a break-in. There’s not much you can do to prevent this other than stowing your valuables and having your windows tinted.


Internal electronics system

Your electronic security and attached alarms have strong safety measures in them. Take advantage of these and don’t let them go unused. Many car owners have no idea that these even exist for the most part.


Keep your spare keys tucked away


Spare keys need to be in a safe location always, and if they’re easily found, you put your whole property security at risk.


Other Vehicle Security Improvements


Window Tinting

if your windows aren’t already tinted, a tint adds a firm layer of security. Even if it’s mild. Just adding that one extra step deters potential intruders. Additionally, valuables are less visible. You can’t always keep them stowed, so it’s nice to have that buffer in place.



Be particular where you park. When you take that extra minute or two to find the perfect spot, you increase security immensely.


Tracking System

Tracking systems are huge. When you install tracking systems, they can be tied to your mobile device instantly. This increases security a ton. Additionally, anyone that isn’t supposed to be driving your car? You’ll know about it instantly.


Overall, call us today for window tinting and additional security solutions. We’ll assess your vehicle’s current safety situation and give you the best course of action to proceed with improving vehicle security.