Getting your new audio system installed is a game-changer for listening to your music on the road. Also, the quality of your music will depend on your system standards. Here are some tips to install your next great car audio system on your own, and making sure it’s high quality as well.


What Impacts Your Car’s Audio?


Do NOT Max Out Volume Settings- your volume settings can be maxed out in short bursts. However, leaving your audio system on maximum volume for an extended period will massively damage the effectiveness of your audio.


Subwoofers- subwoofers will create a drastic impact immediately. You’ll start to have a fuller sound when driving, which creates a better atmosphere for listening to music on the road.


Clean and Clear Speakers- if your speakers are covered or the spatial awareness is impaired, you’ll see the quality diminish. Your sound won’t be as clear and it’ll be tougher to hear. Also, this forces you to increase the volume. When you do this, you’ll lower the lifetime value of the speakers. Keep your speakers clear and clean. This means routinely scraping out any gunk that may have come up in the speakers and keeping the surface uncovered.


Optimizing Bass and Treble- these both can damage your speakers as well. However, when you keep your speakers clean and maintained, you shouldn’t have to compensate for the sound quality. Bass and treble will become assets of your speakers rather than detriments.


Music Quality Matters- if the music you are playing is low quality or unclear, it will damage the speakers as well. This comes up often with poorly optimized studio recordings or amateur music being played.


Install a New Car Audio System Today!


Overall, playing music in your car should never be something you have to worry about. For any other questions you have on improving your sound system, we’d love to speak with you today. Give us a call to learn more about our audio system installs and services.