Car Audio and Video

At Elite Audio in Hollywood, CA, we specialize in-car audio & video that keep you safe while on the road.

A strong car audio and video system can do more than simply entertain you and your passengers. Our systems can also include features to keep you safe while on the road. If you are interested in upgrading your car audio system, there are several options available to you. Many vehicle owners may think that installing an audio and video system on their own would be the most affordable option. Don’t know much about car audio installation? A do-it-yourself project like this could end up costing you more than you want to pay.

Modern Features Available With A New Car Audio And Video System

Your basic car audio system has evolved over the years to now include a wealth of modernized equipment. Along with touch screen stereo systems and access to music streaming services, vehicle owners also have access to high-tech video systems that can help entertain their passengers or keep everyone safe with the use of backup surveillance systems.

Benefits of a New Car Audio and Video System:

Enjoy Better Sound From Your Car’s Audio System

Are you still riding around with your vehicle’s factory sound system installed? Over the years, factory systems have improved. But even the most premium systems can’t compete with the higher-quality speakers and amps that you can get with a professional installation. Whether music is your life or you simply enjoy listening to your favorite songs while driving around on the weekend, a good car audio system will make a big difference. 

Gain Better Control Of Your Car’s Sound System


A high-quality and high-powered professionally installed system gives you control over how your music sounds. Most basic car stereo systems give you the option to control the treble, bass, and mid-range. But a professionally installed audio system can be built with an equalizer that features multiple points for better frequency response. You get to fine-tune your music so that you can listen to it exactly the way you want.

Enjoy Better Communication Using Your Smartphone In Your Car


If you don’t have a good Bluetooth-equipped system in your car, using the speakerphone while driving can be a problem. There will always be some type of background noise, which can be annoying for the person on the receiving end who only hears bits and pieces of the conversation. A good car audio system can take care of that issue and make it much easier and safer, for you to make phone calls while driving.

A Great Auto Video System Will Make Roadtrips Easier


The great family road trip sometimes isn’t all that great when you have tired and bored kids in the backseat. A newly-installed auto video system can help to reduce the boredom and make the trip more enjoyable for everyone involved. There are various options available for car video systems including overhead DVD players, headrest players, and car DVD monitors.

An Audio And Video System Makes It Easier To Install Safety Features


Already have a car video system installed in your vehicle? You are already one step closer to making your vehicle much safer for yourself and other drivers on the road. A video system is needed to install the latest car safety features. Such as back up and dash cameras that allow the driver to see what’s going on behind them. These cameras and video players can help to reduce accidents and also provide you with more peace of mind while you are in the driver’s seat.

The Installation Process


When you have car audio or video system professionally installed, the task will take less time to complete than if you were doing everything on your own. Skilled technicians will start the installation process by assessing the car and determining what type of audio or video system is the best option for you. They will take a look at the equipment you are already using and explain what type of upgrades they have available. There is an audio and video system out there to meet all types of needs and budgets, so take the time to evaluate them all before you make a final decision.

Contact Elite Audio Hollywood For More Information On Your New Car Audio And Video System Installation


At Elite Auto Hollywood, we have the technical knowledge and experience needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our team can install a brand new audio or video system in your vehicle and have it back to you in record time. With more than 40 years of experience, you can count on our team here at Elite Audio to provide you with satisfactory results. We also offer a lifetime warranty on original EA Hollywood installations. Give us a call today to find out what type of audio or video upgrade we can provide you with. You can reach us at 877-812-8346 or on the web at Elite Audio.